Conav S.r.l. for maintenance

The Maintenance of your plant

Planned and extraordinary maintenance


Maintenance services initially formed the core business of our company, with a focus on steam turbines and generators.

One of the key strengths recognised by our customers is the speed of intervention, which we are able to guarantee thanks to the efficiency of our team of engineers and their many years of experience.

We offer fast, high-quality intervention, and for this reason we are a leading provider when it comes to emergency assistance services.

We work with our clients in a range of ways:

  • planned maintenance, with regular visits and monitoring to ensure the correct functioning of your plant.
    • extraordinary maintenance, i.e. in the event of unplanned downtime, Conav S.r.l. customers are guaranteed assistance within 24 hours of notification of the issue.
  • in the event of accidental shutdown, Conav S.r.l., through its advisory and engineering service, is able to offer immediate repairs or modifications to resolve the cause of the shutdown.

Conav S.r.l. is synonymous with responsiveness and reliability: compliance and efficiency are the foundation of the relationships we build with our customers.

Our capability and efficiency in manufacturing processes and services demonstrate the professionalism of our company and our experience in the field.

The price-quality relationship and our adherence to agreed schedules are testimony to our skill, and lead to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

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