An exceptional workforce

Conav S.r.l. has an efficiently organised team employed in steam turbine maintenance and the supply of spare parts. Roles and tasks are allocated efficiently, with every employee carrying out their duties with intelligence and commitment, supporting other team members as required.

All our employees collaborate together to provide appropriate solutions and to meet every specific client need.


Our employees are highly qualified and productive, capable of responding to any need and of quickly and successfully carrying out any work required.


We are able to track the work undertaken by every single member of the team.


You will be given a dedicated contact person who will keep you informed of the work taking place to achieve the desired outcome.


We play a strategic role in the energy sector, providing dynamic and innovative solutions. Our organisation is able to assist you and help you in any emergency situation or with any specific need, drastically reducing inefficiency and down time.


The following diagram shows the organisational structure of Conav.


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